What is a podcast? Also, learn to start one

December 29, 2017 amanat 4 minutes read

The podcast is one of the main communication channels of today and our friend Pablo knows that.
He is an important executive who loves to keep up with the new marketing trends . Therefore, you want to know more details about the podcast, its use and other information. Do you also want to know more details about the podcast? So do not hesitate to continue reading this text, we did it so you can find out more about how this information channel works.

What is a podcast and how can it help you?
From a general and simple perspective, the podcast is a kind of radio program , with the difference and advantage that it comes from certain MP3 content. The issue is approached according to the demand. As it is a source of information available at any time and locally, the person who has an interest in a particular subject can listen to it when he / she considers it appropriate. For that, just access the content, select play or download the content.

On more specific aspects, the podcast is a media content in audio format that is transmitted via RSS. It is possible to use iTunes, Ziepod, PodStore or BeyondPod to find the best podcasts. Apart from these applications, there are other diverse ones like WeCast that provide interesting podcasts.

As far as the issues addressed in podcasts are concerned, they are endless. This is because people choose themes according to the needs or objectives of the target audience. Undoubtedly, there are more famous topics such as cinema, television programs, professionals, sciences, literature, musicals, humorous, educational, religious.

Listening to podcasts does not take much effort, but you have to know if the content is available for download or if it is on a website. If the content you want to access is in a site, you must open the publication where the podcast is located, click on the player and listen to it automatically. When the content is offered for download, it is essential to open the publication, click on the download option with the right button and then save the file with the desired name. Afterwards, it is possible to open it and listen to its contents from the computer.

When the podcast is in a feed, it is necessary to install a podcast aggregator on the computer or mobile device.

How to make a podcast?
Undoubtedly, after listening to several podcasts it is common that the desire to make a content of this type arises. But, one of the most recurrent doubts is how to make a successful podcast and what program to use to carry it out.

To be a podcaster (individual who makes podcasts) it is essential that you have certain characteristics such as you like this type of media. It is also important that you want to offer quality content for listeners, that you are willing to invest some money to have a podcast on the air. Another essential point is to have a hobby that inspires you to make podcasts.

The choice of subject
Choosing the podcast theme is one of the main steps when creating good content. Knowing what you are going to talk about is fundamental so that you can prepare yourself well for the occasion and you can correctly develop the theme.

Before you start talking about the matter, you need to do a good research on it. That is, it is essential that you know interesting details of the topic you want to address in your podcast.

Who participates in the podcast?
Normally, people start making podcasts with close friends or people, even family members. It is important that you define what is the best tone for podcasts. For example, if you want to give management or administration tips you must address the issues seriously, therefore, it is recommended to give a serious and committed tone to the speech or talk. If the topic of the podcast is more relaxed as a certain tourist destination, it is worthwhile to elaborate a lighter content and talk as if it were a chat between friends.

One of the problems faced by those who want to enter this world of podcasts is to have a team of experts. Many times, you want to talk about a topic that only you understand; that is, you do not know many people who can address it. In this way, you can get in touch with people within Facebook groups and other forms of contact with individuals who feel motivated to speak on the subject.

Choose the name of the podcast
Ideally, the name must be related to the content. Undoubtedly, this not only facilitates your life when you publish it, it is also very important for people to find the file quickly. Surely, people do not listen or stop listening to a podcast by name, but putting a good name increases the chances of the successful file.

Other important details
To make the podcast, it is essential to have a good team, but when you start this journey you can invest only in the indispensable inputs such as a computer with a microphone and quality headset .

Before recording the podcast, it is necessary to establish a guideline, that is, a guide that offers the steps and the fundamental points to develop the topic. About the recording, it is possible to do it in person, that is, finding the other participants, via hangouts or through Skype.

The podcast edition must be done according to the objectives. As it was said previously, the tone of the podcast must be included according to the objectives and the theme spread. Regarding the use of music, either for the introduction part or to finish the podcast, it also needs to be according to the theme.

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