Be found, attract and convert.

Implement actions to optimize and improve search engine positioning or SEO is recommended from the first moment in which the presence of an activity or business on the web, we prepare web pages and content that we create to be friendly and responsive to the search engines , we also advise you on best practices or corrections if your web project is already underway because …… as important as getting them to look for you is to make it easier for them to find you. 

Websites Prepared for SEO

We create web pages putting into practice the appropriate actions to facilitate their indexing by search engines, review of titles and texts for the insertion of related keywords and appropriate semantic structures, taxonomies with categories and labels related to the activity.

Contents That Provide Value

We try to create unique and original content inspired by related topics to improve its relevance, we study the sources to analyze what has already been published on the subject, also multimedia and interactive files, accompanied by titles, descriptions and appropriate labels.

Indexability Audit

If your web project is already underway and the search engines do not show it in the search results, we study the case to determine the failures, solve the problems and implement actions that could be omitted and should be implemented to improve the SEO.


Whether you consider the creation of a website or content or if you have a project in progress , we advise you on short and long term best practices, also to correct bad habits or restore actions that could have been omitted and that should be carried out. Corporal, get in touch .

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