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December 29, 2017 amanat 5 minutes read

If you already have or plan to do some type of business, I warn you that understanding about Facebook Marketing is an essential task to walk to success.

We know that it is the largest social network in the world and has a large number of users. Also, we understand that this social network is a good opportunity to get new customers, engage your audience, grow other channels and monitor what they say about your brand.

Thinking about that, we suggest you join us to discover what this tool is about, how it works and how it can help you obtain positive results in your business. Stay with us to read the following lines.

What is Facebook marketing and how to use it properly?
According to Social Media Trends, 97.6% of companies use Facebook to disclose their product with the aim of increasing sales and the number of customers .

Today many companies have a Fan Page on Facebook and obviously want to win more and more fans every day. But, how to do that is that many wonder.

I tell you that it is necessary to present quality content and invest in a hooked community.

We are not only talking about having publications of a product, but to involve them through relevant content and a process of incessant interaction.

Of course, promotional content about the products offered by your company are important, but a Facebook marketing campaign goes beyond that. Look to make the analysis of the results of the page’s performance and the previous planning that are mandatory to understand if the strategy adopted is fulfilling the objectives.

In case you do not invest in relationships with the audience you want to reach, most likely the page you have in Mark Zuckerberg’s network will become just an ad channel that will not generate sales.

What should I consider?
When we talk about digital marketing , it is certainly possible to say that: Strategy is everything!

However, it may seem like an easy and simple task to do Facebook marketing, when you really need knowledge of the techniques , tools and strategies available for this network.

Have some questions in your mind:

  • Does my team have time to devote to this page?
    Will it be that I have qualified people to do that job?
    Is there enough budget to use in this network?
    Why should my business be present in this network?

They are very basic questions to understand the real need to maintain your presence in the social network effectively and in accordance with the chosen strategy.

Tip: Make a detailed planning of each stage of the management process and how the implementation of the objectives will be . These requirements are paramount to succeed in online environment.

How to attract customers to my Facebook page?

1. Use Facebook Ads
It is known as the platform of online advertising on Facebook. There are two products in it; the sponsored story and the traditional ad. They are used to give visibility to the Fan Page and consequently gain more fans. Very good to segment the audience by topic, gender, interest, geographic location and other things.

2. Give a human tone to your publications
Share photos ( text plus image ) and videos. Usually these publications have a quick response from the fans. They generate relationships with the audience, connect you to them in a more direct and interactive way. Excellent for B2B business communication.

3. Make use of social widgets
If you have a site or blog it is valid to have buttons to share content quickly on Facebook. Like, for example, the Like button, just click on the blog post and it is immediately shared on the network. Another alternative is the Facebook Comments, which facilitates the way to make comments on your blog using directly the profile of the social network.

4. Entertain, Educate and Engage
Obtain qualified leads and address traffic is the X point of the issue. To generate useful content that is good for my audience, it is necessary to create titles that have a purpose addressed to the right people. That allow them to click ahead. Entertain generates latch . A good content educates the target audience answering a question or problem. They teach something new and they direct their site or blog, too.

5. Make a well-defined call to action
If you offer quality content and all good ways to stand out online, you must not forget to be persuasive with CTA s , that is, the calls to action. Through them, you can attract and keep more customers. They serve as instruction on what to do next. Pay attention if they are relevant to attract fans, that will surely bring organic traffic to Facebook and help you to have a solid brand.

6. Put your eyes on the brand
Your brand is your online identity. It is how people will remember the product. Therefore, dedicate yourself to nurturing it to express the culture of your business . Publish frequently, respect your audience, be polite and respond with agility. Put quality images. Share something at least once or twice a day. Do not forget that not all your fans receive what you produce. Try different schedules.

7. Look what other competitors are doing
Here, we recommend you investigate your competitors. Why? It is not to copy the contents, but to know what they are producing, what has generated success so that you can also improve your strategy and possibly the results. It is a common task for digital marketing.

8. Measure and analyze always
You have spent time and money with the strategy, with the brand, with achieving qualified leads and other things, but if you do not measure the data and the results, the effort is of no use.

These are very relevant metrics: the Engagement Rate , the click rate , the organic scope and others that you should consider according to the objectives and goals.

Monitoring and analyzing are obligatory to perceive if you are on the right path or if you need to change something . The line between success and failure is very delicate in the network. Do not get lost in that and value the data. Let’s do it!

To transform your presence with Facebook marketing into a powerful tool for business, requires understanding how to promote online, mainly how to maintain a relationship with the audience.

Follow these tips right now and see how your business will gain more visibility and confidence in the market. We are interested in your opinion, leave us a comment if this article was useful for you.

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