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A great winning feature of your brand is not enough unless it reaches your target audience. An awesome campaign can fall short if the right media is not managed rightly. And in a world where Facebook and YouTube can draw more viewers than network TV or print, please relook at your overall media plan. Are you in the media, where your customers are? We understand this significant change in media habits and can make the best digital media plan in best price targeting your prospects for measurable results.

Media Habit Is Changing

Media habit is changing thick and fast in last few years in Bangladesh. Traditional media like print and TV are losing their readership and TRP significantly. Your target group is shifting towards digital media from traditional media because of the freedom of choice and personalization in the latter. We have the expertise to help you engage your customers across mobile, video, content, search and social platforms. Our planning process offers a concise and compelling framework – enabling us to uncover strategic fuel, build an action plan and ultimately drive business impact.

Media Planning & Strategy

We create a comprehensive paid media strategy and project plan for you that clearly outlines deliverables and measurable business goals. We evaluate your business goals, brand metrics, TG, competition, online media presence, tools and price to formulate the media strategy and plan. We use premium tools which help in analyzing data according to browsing habit of users. Our media plan includes defining all paid search, display, remarketing, PPC advertising and social media advertising campaigns including landing page recommendations and budget.

Media Buying

Since the media scenario is changing almost every day, we have to be expert on the changed scenario. Process of digital media buying is also changing quite fast to make it even more effective, targeted and measurable result oriented. We keep focus on the latest practices of the digital media buying to ensure the best analytics is used for the best spot in the best possible rate. We do Programmatic Direct and also Programmatic RTB (Real Time Bidding) depending on the marketing objective of the campaign. We make the best balance for your goal according to the budget available for media.

Measurement of Results

We believe in measurement is power. We use data and analytics to understand your company, consumer, category and competition. That leads to results-oriented media planning, and a focus on using what works to drive what’s next. Our digital media planning team conducts post-buy analyses along with re-evaluation of the media plan to further optimize the media buys. Generating add-value and creating media promotions is the basic framework of our work. We are focused on achieving synchronization across different devices and deliver creative executions across channels to encourage engagement.

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