How many times must you publish per day to reach your audience?

December 29, 2017 amanat 6 minutes read

For your Social Media Marketing strategy to be successful, it is imminent that three fundamental conditions are met : that your objectives are clear , that your content is effective and that your messages reach your audience . We will take care of this in this post!

Each Social Network has its own dynamic, which directly impacts the frequency of publication that you must follow so that your messages are seen by your audience. Thus, for example, the rate of the dizzying Twitter Newsfeed (where you must insist to “survive”) is not the same as the more discrete flow of LinkedIn.

Therefore, in this post I will show you which is the best publication frequency for the most important Social Networks : Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ .

How to Publish every day in Social Networks?
First of all, it is important to highlight why you must keep your accounts in Social Networks always updated . As the specialists explain , to achieve a good diffusion in Social Media and build a relevant presence, it is imminent to achieve the “Snowball Effect” .

It is the process in which a user sees your publication, is interested in it thanks to an attractive title and image, and then shares it with their contacts . That fact alone represents a great achievement for your brand , since for the followers of the user, it turns out to be a “qualified” recommendation of your content .

So, to make sure that users see your posts, it is necessary to publish every day on the frequency required for each Social Network . Now, how to publish every day in Social Networks? To achieve this successfully, I advise you:

Design a Marketing Strategy in Social Media , to guide your steps in Social Networks from the establishment of objectives. This will allow you to define in advance what you are going to publish and measure the success of your campaigns based on your stated goals.
Document your Social Media strategy , to facilitate the analysis of your editorial strategy and choose your best content to share.
Schedule your posts to be shared automatically , without having to be online all day . So to schedule your content I recommend Postcron , our tool to program posts ( one by one , or massively ), so that they are published on the days and times that you specify.
If you want to optimize your resources to the maximum , I advise you to use Postcron for Chrome , our extension that allows you to schedule any content you find while browsing (photos, articles, etc.) so that it is automatically published in your Networks. That way, your Internet sessions yield much more!

Now that you know the best method to publish every day , we will know the ideal publication frequencies.

How many times a day should you post? Frequency Guide of Publication for Marketing in Social Networks

How many times should you post on Facebook every day?

As you know, Facebook is the Social Network with the most users in the world. Therefore it is essential that your brand is present there, since your audience is very likely to be part of its more than 1,000 million active users per day .

So, for your publications to be seen by your target audience on Facebook , experts recommend the following frequency of publication:

For big brands , publishing only once a day is enough.

For small businesses , it is recommended to publish about 5 times a day .

EXTRA TIP: To get the best results on your Fan Page I advise you to optimize your Facebook posts . I also recommend you take a look at the new features of Facebook launched in 2016 , to make sure you take full advantage of the tools offered by that Network.

How much should you post on Twitter every day?

Due to its characteristics, Twitter is the ideal space to share the news of your brand , cover live events, take advantage of hashtags to maximize your exposure and find influential users . For these reasons, it is a fundamental means to carry out your Marketing campaigns in Social Networks .

Now, how many times a day should you post on Twitter to reach your audience with your content? In this regard, the experts recommend:

The minimum recommended to build a presence on Twitter is 3 tweets per day .

The ideal number to be always present on Twitter is 5 tweets a day .

EXTRA TIP: I advise you to review our article The best technique to get relevant followers for Twitter , where you will learn to use the search engine of that Social Network to find people who have the profile you are looking for. I also recommend reading the latest news from Twitter for Community Managers .

How many times should you post to LinkedIn per day?
LinkedIn is the largestSocial Network of Professionalsin the world, with more than 433 million users . For that reason, it is currently the best place tofind customers, promote your brand and find the best candidates to work on your team. In addition, it is the indispensable platform to do B2B Marketing .

So, how many times is it advisable to publish on LinkedIn to connect with your audience? This is what specialists recommend:

It is advisable to post 1 post for each working day

(eg from Monday to Friday).

EXTRA TIP: It is advisable to optimize your LinkedIn profile to make the best impression on your potential clients and in the business environment. I also recommend you to review our article All you need to know about Marketing on LinkedIn , where you will find essential data to raise your strategy in the Social Network.

What is the best frequency to publish on YouTube?
YouTube is the most important Social Network of videos currently, with more than 1000 million registered users from all over the world. There you can promote your brand by generating videos with relevant content for your audience and also by using the advertising service on YouTube .

In terms of the recommended publication frequency for YouTube, experts in social media marketing suggest:

Upload at least one video per week .

The ideal number is 2 to 3 videos per week .

EXTRA TIP: To make your posts on YouTube a success, it is essential to spread your days of video publication (eg on Mondays and Thursdays) in the profiles of all your Social Networks, Email Marketing campaigns and offline communication spaces (brochures of your business, merchandising objects , promotional cards, etc.).

How much should you post on Pinterest every day?
There is an ideal Social Network to showcase your products , and it’s Pinterest. As an onlin catalog and allows you to create boards with attractive photos of your merchandise (p. Eg. If you sell clothes, a board could be Winter Collection ). If your audience is mostly female, Pinterest is a must , since 71% of its members are women.

Now, how many times do you want to publish on Pinterest to reach your audience? The specialists recommend:

Publish once a day at least, always trying to keep all your Boards updated . For example, if you have 7 boards you can update one of them every day of the week (eg “Winter Collection” on Mondays, “Sportswear” on Tuesdays, “Casual Look” on Wednesdays, etc.).

EXTRA TIP: When considering the name of your Boards , keep in mind that each one of them works as a label or category , which operates when users perform their searches in said Social Network. So try to be as clear as possible, since you are classifying your content yourself.

How many posts do you have to publish on Instagram per day?
Every day that passes, Instagram consolidates itself as the Social Network focused on the most important image in the world. The statistics indicate that it already has more than 400 million users , of which 70% is outside the United States. So if your products are “photographed” , I advise you to post there!

How many times must you post on Instagram to be seen by your audience? This is recommended by specialists :

The advisable thing is to publish at least once a day , and ideally twice a day , since there are two key schedules to post in terms of engagement : one of them goes from 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM, and the other takes place around from 2 AM (special for those who suffer from insomnia!).

EXTRA TIP: Take advantage of Instagram hashtags to position your content! Keep in mind that you can use more than 15 labels per post , so think carefully about what categories you can place your content for more people to see.

How many times should you post to Google+ every day?
Finally, it is important to include Google+ in your Social Network Marketing campaigns , because due to its characteristics (its content scoring system “+1” and the fact that it is part of the Google Corporation) its use can affect positively to your web positioning .

But how many times should you post per day to achieve the best results in Google+? The specialists suggest:

Publish at least 3 times a day to reach your audience (for example in the morning, in the afternoon and at night). This is so because in this Social Network the users’ engagement increases when the publication rate is consistent.

EXTRA TIP: Google+ gives great relevance to photographs and allows them to be displayed in different sizes, so try to use the image dimensions recommended by the site .

That’s all for today! I hope that this publication frequency guide for Social Networks will help you achieve the best results in your Content Marketing campaigns . Tell me later!

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