How Can SEO Help You Website’s Google Visibility in 2018

December 29, 2017 amanat 4 minutes read

SEO is both advanced and geeky – and a little hard to explain on few lines. And many have asked for a simpler explanation that makes it easier to understand the processes and workflow behind an SEO optimization.

We have tried to meet with an explanation that compares a website and a SEO course with a space rocket. For, as you send parakeets on long journeys into the universe, the goal of an SEO optimization is to send your website on a journey upward in Google search results – a journey that will usually start far below the search results.

Onpage SEO Optimization – When We Make Your Website Ready

Before a space rocket is opened, it must be cleared for the journey.
This happens know that the rocket is equipped with coordinates for the target. And then, of course, fuel must be added.

A website must also be prepared for its journey. This is partly because SEO optimizes all content and ensures that the technical platform is set up correctly and quickly.

When we search optimize, we make sure that the most used keywords and search phrases are implemented naturally on the website so Google easily and quickly understands where we want to rank high in the results.

Here it is important to know Google’s algorithms.

To ensure that these are the right keywords that are focused on, we always recommend that the keywords we find in our keyword analysis be tested in a test. In the test we measure the number of sales / inquiries on each word and search phrase, and on this basis we can see where there are sales and waiting.

Once the website is optimized, it is almost ready for its journey. Now, “just” must fuel.

The left is fuel

What primarily draws a website up in the results are links from other websites.

Google sees links as an important signal, and the very right of the kind makes the website crawl slowly, but surely in search results.

How many links are required depends entirely on how much competition is on the keywords that the website wants to have the high rankings on.

If there are a lot of websites that want high on the selected keywords, typically there are over 50 good, solid and strong links to, and sometimes more.

Therefore, the last part of an SEO course is about building new links to the website.

We are committed to publishing press releases, writing articles on relevant topics and registering website catalogs, catalogs, company listings and many other sources on the Internet.

It’s hard manual work and it has to be done in a very special way to achieve the good, lasting results.

There is a huge difference between how many links are needed. Is there only local visibility, for example, a single or few cities, the need will be less. If there is high visibility throughout Denmark, competition and hence the need for good links will be greater.

SEO includes:

Over 200 variables affect the placement in Google. These variables can e.g. be:

  • title and description
  • H1, H2 and H3 headings
  • names of images and all tags
  • internal link structure and titles
  • URL structure
  • external links
  • Inbound links from other websites and titles on this
  • bouncerate / usabillity
  • keyword related topics on the website
  • age of the site and history
  • activity on social media
  • quality of content, articles and product descriptions
  • number of pages on the website
  • rate
  • domain name and TLD

The practical course

When you approach Connect Media with the desire for more and better visibility in search engines, you usually have expectations in relation to time horizons, results and budget.

Depth analysis

Based on your expectations and wishes, we thoroughly review your website. We analyze codes, text, images, the internal link structure, and the number and quality of links, etc.

It gives us an overview and a basis for assessing what actions are needed to meet your wishes.

Often you already have a presumption of which keywords and phrases you want to rank high in search results.

We review the keywords to make sure that there are words with great national search. If we do not find the right harmony between traffic and keywords, we will of course note that.

In that case, it would be a good idea to have a keyword analysis , where we find the keywords that the customers use. Of course, we focus on finding the keywords that convert searches to customers / inquiries.

We will send you an offer with information about what should be done, just as we come with a financial estimate.

Onpage optimization

If you can approve our offer, we will start SEO optimization on the website itself as the first assignment. Subsequently, we look at other necessary measures that will often be the creation of new links, the creation of G + company profile, Facebook mm

Already at task startup you receive an overview of all sub-tasks with deadlines and descriptions. It gives you the chromed overview of time horizons and tasks, and you can also follow our work from the sidelines – as well as you have the opportunity to participate actively in the optimization.

Onpage SEO optimization will typically have a three-week time horizon. The subsequent optimization varies depending on the size of the task and the competition on the selected keywords.

link Building

Google has included in their algorithm links as a factor that influences how high a particular website should be placed in the search engine.

By 2018, the links are still extremely important, and without them, a website never gets a good location.

Therefore, part of the SEO work is also to build new links to the website from other websites.

This can be through the creation of company profiles, inclusion in address search services, and linking from relevant articles.


Typically, it will take about 3-8 months before the full result of optimization is visible in search engines.

Once the desired results are achieved, you receive a report of the results as well as information about links and any codes for created profiles and blogs.

Throughout the course, we naturally ensure that you are informed of what we do and why.

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