4 ways to make your Ecommerce business stand out in 2018

December 29, 2017 amanat 5 minutes read

Electronic commerce has changed the lives of countless people around the world. How many of us have changed the endless afternoons of Christmas gift shopping for just a few clicks on our computer or smartphone?

Nowadays, we are not limited to only a series of products available in a physical store, but we have a whole universe of products available at any time and at any time.

As the purchase options have increased through the internet, the facilities to start an E commerce business have also increased . Although the competition is increasing and therefore it is necessary to implement strategies so that your online store is always one step ahead of your competitors.

In this article, we describe several ways in which you can make your online store to be at the forefront and grow your business during this year 2018.

1. Offer avant-garde products – Investigate your competition and make sure you sell a better product!
There is no better way to grow your business than having a better or more interesting product than your competition has.

Make sure you are constantly investigating the latest market trends and do not lose sight of what your competitors are already offering. What are the best-selling products with greater similarity to yours? Why do they lead the market?

Think of the possibility of redesigning your value proposition so that your product is seen as an improvement of what already exists. Being at the forefront means being in the lead and always ready for any change that may occur in your industry. Make sure you are informed, identify new trends and create a product that separates you from the rest.

2. Create a brand that is unique and uses quality content to differentiate you
Your business is much more than just the product or service that you sell. Most of the successful companies that manage to stay in our minds for a long time have achieved this thanks to their “brand” concept.

Every brand is different from the rest, but the brands that have managed to be recognized worldwide have reached that point thanks to similar strategies: through their ads, designs, presence in social networks, word of mouth or customer service in addition to many others .

As an online store, your online presence is extremely important and is linked to increasing the traffic of visits to your website. Make sure that the content you share through your communication channels is relevant and consistent with the message and values ​​that your brand represents.

The best way to ensure this last is to create original content. Generating interesting content with the potential to be shared on the network as blog articles or videos, is a very effective way to keep your customers involved with your brand and position your business.

The Mexican brand Remedios Mágicos is a gift store that has been able to differentiate itself from the rest of its competitors by offering a unique value proposition.

Thanks to their focus on Mexican culture, they have developed a brand image that fits perfectly with their product portfolio and the message they want to convey.

3. Use marketing strategies that involve your customers
Making your brand interesting and unique usually requires a high level of involvement from your customers. It is essential that they are fans of your product and that they want to interact with your content beyond the mere purchase process.

Today we are constantly bombarded by ads and other marketing actions, so our attention span has been drastically reduced. It is necessary, therefore, to squeeze our imagination and design marketing strategies whose main objective is to motivate our customers to interact with our brand.

To do this, motivate content generated by customers (known as UGC for its acronym in English of “user-generated content”) is very powerful for several reasons:

1- Your clients become your marketing team . By offering your customers the possibility of generating graphic content that has as main objective to promote your product, it makes them ambassadors of your brand. Offering the possibility to appear as featured on your brand’s website helps create a much stronger link with your customers.

The brand of sunglasses Hawkers has a dedicated space on its website to content generated by its customers:

2- It is a source of content that often exceeds that created professionally. A video of “unboxing” or a photo of your product made with an iPhone in a “real” environment helps your potential customers to imagine what it feels like to use your product. It is the equivalent of touching a product in a physical store.

3- You can use this to enhance other activities related to word of mouth as a referral program .

Many times, creative marketing strategies are the simplest to implement. Something as simple as sending a thank-you letter written by hand to your clients after your purchase is something that always gives good results and has a minimal cost. Adding a personal touch makes your customers feel special and valued by your company.

4. Make sure your store has a clean and pleasing design in sight
Several studies have shown that more than 90% of consumers of electronic commerce say that it values ​​the visual appearance over any other factor when buying. In addition, more than 50% of consumers leave the store and do not return if they do not like aesthetics in general.

This shows that graphic design is extremely important when it comes to increasing sales of your business. For this, having a well designed page and an attractive logo becomes a crucial aspect for the success of your store.

Shopify for it has a network of experts in electronic commerce that can help you turn your website into a greased machine that offers a simple and satisfactory shopping experience.

This is also important when presenting your product. Make sure your photographs show what your product is about, and the better quality they have, the better.

You can also replace photographs with high-quality video that shows your product in action. A good example of this is the Smitzy website , which shows a video of people walking with several of their pants models, taking a step beyond the static product images so common today.


Using the internet to sell your products gives you endless business opportunities but it also means that competition multiplies. Following the suggestions we have explained in this article can help you make a difference in your market. Keep an open attitude to experimentation and being creative. Remember that your product deserves to be purchased and therefore, you must advertise it as such.

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