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December 29, 2017 amanat 4 minutes read

By name, many people relate this type of content with content that speaks from the naturalness of marketing and how to generate content that is healthy for marketing, but these observations are wrong as this has nothing to do with evergreen.

What are the evergreen contents and what kind of contents exist?
From the digital age , all content generated by brands and people seek to be agile, current, relevant and above all in real time. These characteristics mark the interest of people towards social networks.

A network that does it very well is Twitter, its basics are based on the ability to react to generate a news that just happened a couple of minutes ago, even seconds.

However, there is a type of content called evergreen, which seeks the opposite, since it focuses on generating content that is relevant regardless of the time, that is, that has the ability to provide information that is important today and within a year.

In rock content, we want you to know in depth about this term that appears in online marketing. It is true when we say that an evergreen content can endure over time, without it becoming old or outdated. This has no expiration date therefore it is a content that will survive over time having the same relevance.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow and always
The evergreen contents are not generated through a current event or respond to a news of the moment. Let’s see an example of a content that is not evergreen.

Instagram has just launched some new publishing tools and some digital media talk about the new update of the network in record time, that is, their response and publication capacity puts them one step ahead, but although this is important for the digital world, can not be considered evergreen, since within 1 year when all people have used the new Instagram tool, this news will not be relevant, it will be obsolete, therefore it can not be categorized within the evergreen content.

Surely you are wondering … How to create an evergreen content?
If you are an editor for the media, you work as a publicist for a brand or you just like to know everything about the digital world, we will give you some tips to create evergreen content.

The first thing you should do before you start writing is to be clear that what you do should be interesting both on the day of publication and within a year, but if you think that your text will not comply with this rule, it is better not to do, but here we do not believe in NO, so we recommend you try, after doing so, read it and analyze sentence by sentence to see if it will be interesting later.

1. Structure the topic you are going to talk about
Try not to make extensive descriptions, because it will surely be a very heavy content to read, the ideal is to divide the content in several sections with titles and defined themes, this is key to be taking the reader on the article without losing track.

2. Give answers to general questions
Dr, Google knows everything, that is why it is the largest search source in the world, people approach the search engine to generate key questions where they expect to find the answer in an easy way, so we recommend that the content provide an answer to that question. If your topic is How to integrate inbound marketing to a content strategy , solve that doubt, not another.

3. That you be the first to say it
The importance of being the original source of an article is essential to generate interest in people, yes, do it well, make your article complete this costs time, but all efforts will be rewarded.

Do not leave anything to chance, use examples and images that have the reader entertained and for nothing in the world let go of your page to look elsewhere, that would lose the fight.

How to move an evergreen content to generate greater reach?
In itself, the evergreen content is already different from the others, that is why its promotion is also different, the ideal is to do it from your social networks, blogs, newsletter and some others.

One of the advantages is that you can re-publish it at any time of the year, to conquer old and new readers, since your information will not go out of fashion, you can refresh it by modifying some examples or links but without changing the DNA of it.

An evergreen content, accepts many formats, such as:

among others.
This is interesting for SEO , for its ability to continuously create an interest, an interaction, and of course traffic to the final site.

We recommend finding a balance between real time content with evergreen content, this will be the key to success in content marketing .

To close, it would seem that an evergreen content will cost more in terms of effort and dedication, but it is not. For now we challenge you to try and generate content that is the subject of search tomorrow and within one or two years.

Do not take off our contents, see you in a future publication.

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