E-commerce has changed the whole game of consumers’ shopping behavior. If your product is not actively in e-commerce, you are losing your potential customers & revenue big time. E-commerce can help you to reach new and existing consumers, unlock a huge potential demand, ensures hassle free real fast buying with exquisite customer experience that exceeds their expectations and eventually enhance your ROI. We enable you to enhance your revenue through e-commerce. 


At QUBE8, we believe in understanding the real scenario than a hypothetical planning. We dive deeper to understand the brand, product, category, competition, consumer insights, e-commerce options, price & optimization opportunity, payment options, delivery channels and all relevant areas to formulate the most effective e-commerce strategy for you. Our research combines both the online analytics and offline study to bring out the best for you.

Product Photography & Post Edit

In ecommerce, the perceived value and credibility of your product is often judged by the quality of product photographs in your web design. More importantly showcasing your products with high-quality images can also be the winning difference between a conversion and no sale at all. This is particularly true if you are distributing your products on marketplace sites like Amazon with your competitors, or selling on visual platforms like Facebook & Pinterest. We have a great pool of product photographers with great edit skilled hands to make your product look the best. We can photograph your product at your office or our studio with real fast quality edit at a great price.

Listing Management

Our experts at QUBE8 will provide all of your product information, including extensive details about each of your products in a clean, concise, manner in e-commerce sites. We believe if a customer cannot find all required product information, they may feel too uncertain to complete their purchase and can move to the competition. So we ensure your products win your customers and enhance your business. Even when any of your products, sizes, or colors goes out of stock, we allow customers to sign up to be notified of when the product they were looking for becomes available. Thus we ensure your personalized care for your customers and protect them from moving to a competition.

Multi-channel Management

Google’s research shows that 85% of holiday shoppers “will shop for a gift by starting on one device and finishing on another.” This is present day reality and the reason behind the importance of multi-channel management. Conducting business on multiple channels means not just selling on them, naturally, but maximizing the opportunity each one brings for your product. We create a balanced and customized multi-channel plan to best utilize your marketing dollars and bring the best ROI. We ensure right time to amplify your product & communication and show restraint throughout your channel mix, so you will not overwhelm your following or burn your marketing dollars trying to convert people when they’re not interested. 

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